After the Crash

The room was almost silent.  A a slight chill from the temporarily shaded sun gave me a shiver.  Silence was broken every time a bleep emitted from the machine that the body had been attached to.  I call it a body, because it was impossible to distinguish at a first glance whether it was male … Continue reading After the Crash


The radio blared on with inconsequential nonsense, it was the six o’clock news headlines. Nothing made sense, I did not want to be awake. Surely I had only just closed my eyes! The night before had been a scramble to get back into our own bed from the put-you-up in the downstairs play room. We … Continue reading Pants

Friends and Neighbours

A November morning Bugle Street beckoned With you our neighbours Our witnesses and friends   No frills No fuss Promises made Pictures taken     From our special day 14 years ago To this celebration 60 years on   Congratulations to you both Margaret and Philip! Diamonds everlasting and Friendship never waning


Light up, radio muffled birds sing, boys clatter lead poled legs, eyes coffin lids consciously aware wanting unconscious body slump and walking for sleep routine kicks with effort decisions muffled, tasks complicated bothersome boys and belligerent dog school run weary, dog walk forgettable caffeine brings clarity chatter brings life the day begins...