About Me – 2017

I love to read and write and I do this a lot.  Unlike most writers, I have no drive to publish at the moment other than here, a foray into therapeutic writing and an adventure into the world of blogging for now.  I constantly have story ideas pop into my head, bubble like, and usually as I sit down to write them, they burst leaving an empty space!

I have been writing properly, as in stories that make sense and not crayoned drawings with labels, since I was about 7.  I was encouraged by my secondary school English teacher to develop my creative writing.  Mr Stephen Healing, if you are still around, thank you.  He supported me to write about things that I felt and knew, and although I didn’t know it at the time, has given me the confidence to carry on and write for personal therapy as much as fun.  I guess he saw a troubled kid who needed to comprehend situations and deal with the teenage, family and social issues she was facing.

I have only recently decided to rejuvenate my blog, initially started some 6 years ago but parenting and life took over.  I have declared, mostly to myself and the dog, to start at Flash Fiction which I discover I have been doing mostly anyway, I just didn’t know it had a name until recently.  Most of my work is too short to be considered short stories, and having attended ‘Conversations in the Old Library’ with Calum Kerr, ‘The World in a Flash’, I figure this is where I want to start.  By the way, if you have a chance, do check out Calum Kerr , he is a terrific inspiration.

I  belong to a local reading group with a variety of characters, all of whom have a love of books and more importantly love to share their books.  Our monthly shenanigans can be followed here with a good dose of ‘based on real events’ and tongue in cheek.  We meet monthly at a local library to review our given tomes and share recommendations.  Our monthly meetings are chronicled on the blog under the label Book Club.

I review books here including those I read from my own list, those given through our local reading group, and also those which I have accepted as advanced proof copies from publishers for an honest review.

I read anything and everything, quite literally.  From pamphlets, newspapers, books, reference and fiction.  I champion reading and believe it is the window to life and understanding and not least education.  I read for my soul and I read to escape.  I read to fill my heart and head with images, thoughts and knowledge.  For me, reading is a fundamental part of existing, like breathing only with words.

I am a choc-lit taster panel member.  I read submitted manuscripts and review them, it is a real treat for me to read unpublished virgin material, good or bad, I enjoy them all with affection and feel very privileged.   Choc-lit have an ethos for publishing that is fresh and chocolatey, to find out more do check out Choc-Lit, they give away chocolatey smelling pencils as well, which of course, is all I needed to be convinced to read for them.  By the way ladies, if you are reading this, my pencil is getting small and I could do with another one!  Thanking you.

I have a love of poetry and this features here too under the label Poetry, shocking that huh!  There will be random ramblings, thoughts provoked by events and quite possibly occasional ranting formed in the guise of Flash Fiction.

It may be that this blog is best read whilst enjoying a juniper drink and/or chocolate, delete as appropriate, other drinks are widely available.

Here we go!


The Journey So Far…  –  Early 2018

A morphing of this fledgling blog has become apparent.

Having started blogging years ago, but only really in earnest since last Spring, it has surprised me how my development and content has changed from dabbling, into wanting to create something worthwhile with longevity and presence.

Writing began as a discussion mostly from within, making sense of the world and situations and from a young age my sounding box without a voice.  It helped me reason and understand growth, death and being.  It was my best friend and confidant, it stopped me crying and helped me cry in equal measure.  It was with me always, wherever I was and wherever I am.  It didn’t give away my secrets and it didn’t kiss my boyfriend.

In later years it melted away.  Crisis became too loud.  Getting from dawn to dusk, alive and breathing, was a challenge.  It is only now, looking back, that I realise had I kept it flowing it may have helped me heal quicker, but foresight is a luxury I don’t possess.

Now, having used it as my path to sanity over the last year, once again, I find it has taken me a fair distance, but at a measured pace.  That pace has picked up and a direction has become clear and so I’m going with it.

I have recently migrated from blogger to wordpress.  In doing so, I have created a sister site; The Sanity Project .  This is for the physical and mental benefits of gardening and being outdoors; nature, nurture well-being and mindfulness.

This blog,  Sanity Looms, is for reading, writing and reviewing.  A revamp is in progress so bear with me whilst I get all my ducks in a row.

Together, I hope we will make sense of the world, fill it with words and wisdom, but above all love.



Now – Late 2018

The decisions are still manifesting but in most part organising my site is done.  There are a few housekeeping items for me to attend to but I have a path forward now and this is how things will be from January 2018 until further notice.

This years Book Club posts will be blogged, in a short story chapter format, based on the reading group I attend, but perhaps with some embellishments and creativity along the way.  I have the permission of all involved to use their first names, which I will do with discretion and kindness, if perhaps a soupcon of humour.  Never has the adage, ‘write what you know’ been more appropriate, the blog will hopefully follow our trials and tribulations.

I will be posting book reviews separately from the book club blog, this is to help me promote my reviewing which has taken off rather quickly and something I absolutely love doing.  The books I read with the reading group will still be mentioned within the book club monthly blog, but my own thoughts and feelings will only go into my reviews which will be posted in my new, and I like to think, more professional, format.

I hope you enjoy following the monthly updates as well as reading my book reviews and flash fiction when it appears.

I always enjoy comments, so please do comment if you feel so inclined.

Thank you and happy reading!



I would rather like to know what you think of what you have read, so feel free to fill out and submit!