As Excuses Go …

Hiya – its me, The Sugar Plum Fairy,

Now as excuses go, this is a pretty lame one considering I am messaging a Slimming World Leader, but you may remember I mentioned I’ll not be back until 16th Jan.  I definitely will, almost certainly, very possibly.

Thing is, I am a bit of a social butterfly (as well as incognito spy), SO all my Christmas meals were put off due to various espionage commitments and also because I was rather poorly for a bit before Christmas as you remember.

So last night, bear with me, you’ll love this, I went out for a retirement meal with a dear ole friend and yogi and fellow classmates to celebrate her retirement at 72!  Yes it was a lovely evening, thank you for asking.

Tonight One, will be out at Maya Fine Dining with my Book Club posse the SLAGS (Southampton Literary And Gossip Society).  Great bunch of rather dodgy ladies, some old, some not so old, from the Portswood area known for being removed from buses after rather copious amounts of prosecco at the Dancing Man Brewery!  Anyway it is our Christmas meal that we put off until January because we have a new lady join us too, so two reasons for a gathering, so to speak!

It may have escaped your notice, so let me remind you – it is One’s birthday tomorrow and I am knocking on a bit so Hubby decided rather than running the risk of heart failure or fracture (purely on his part, obvs) that we would forgo the usual sky diving, skiing, base jumping and pot holing and take the boys out for dinner instead.  So we will be at Cosmos in town for that,  and I get a free meal cos its my birthday, so whats a girl to do but accept!

THEN, out of the blue, because you remember I am a social butterfly, an old colleague (maybe another spy, maybe not) told me they had a voucher for Marco Pierre Whites restaurant at that swanky hotel down town and said how about it for Saturday luncheon and a catch up on all things secret (read gossip) plus a bit of a birthday celebration, so I couldn’t turn that down either really could I.

Now then, I am gonna need Slimming World more than ever by Sunday morning if my legs haven’t fell off in the meantime.  I am currently walking 2 miles to and then 2 miles back from work everyday to try and curb the Christmas and New Year bulge. I am also making good choices when eating out and substituting as much food as possible with alcohol, but with the best will in the world weighing in tomorrow for a gain (it was Christmas tho’) and then trying to be motivated with 2 more meals to come this week will be hard.

SOO, you will see my ugly mug from 16th January onwards because I am committed to getting lighter, as you know, and I was very happy with my progress pre-Christmas.

Sending all best wishes for a New Year and Decade!

The Sugar Plum Fairy xx





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